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Google Reviews

47 reviews
  • Judith
    3 weeks ago

    Total knee replacementIf you are looking for a Physical Therapy place then look no further. I had a total knee replacement less than 3 months ago and I have advanced quickly due to their expertise along with their warm water physical therapy. My doctor was very impressed with my progress.In the pool, I gained confidence in walking naturally without the fear of falling. I practiced walking on steps in the water, and again there was no fear of falling. The warm water helped lower my pain level making it easier to do the exercises. I grew stronger walking and exercising in the water because of the natural resistance the water provides. When I would return to land I noticed that I was walking more naturally and taking stairs with ease.Something else I noticed was my energy started returning quickly. The water naturally increased my endurance. I was able to do more daily activities with less fatigue.Also my range of motion was much easier to do in the water. Out of the water I could not seem to lift my leg to put on a sock or turn over in my bed. But because the water makes you almost weightless I was able to move my leg/knee with ease and it helped my brain remember how to move the leg. After a few sessions I was able to move my leg and bend the knee so that I could do more of the daily and personal activities I needed to do.You not only have the opportunity to do the pool, they also have a complete gym with all the necessary equipment to advance your progress. I worked one on one in the gym with one of their highly trained therapists.The atmosphere is like being with your family. The staff is very positive. I was given helpful feedback throughout my stay. I felt motivated to do the exercises that they provided for me to do at home. It seemed like each time I came back to do physical therapy I was one step closer to having my knee back to normal.HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Catherine Steen
    Catherine Steen
    a week ago

    The professionalism of the entire staff is phonememnal . But special thanks to JC and Mr. Smith. Very knowledgeable about each patient 's need. Total Care individually based.

  • Tiare Kahana Bourget

    PPT is the only facility in the area that offers aqua therapy. I have been managing fibromyalgia for over 12 years and I wish that I had been referred to aqua therapy a long time ago.The therapists here are friendly, warm, caring, professional, and knowledgeable. Having chronic pain makes it difficult to want to exercise, but I look forward to going to PPT, because I actually enjoy the therapy (both in the pool and in the gym) and I always leave feeling so much better. Special thanks to Kwesi and Jasmine for their special care!

  • Janna Coleman
    Janna Coleman
    4 months ago

    I would highly recommend this place because they care about the patients and take time to listen. I have had better improvement here than any other physical therapy place. I will definitely return if needed in the future.

  • Benita Owens
    Benita Owens
    7 months ago

    This, indeed is a great facility. Towards the end of my tenure, I encountered ultimate unprofessionalism. Be careful of bring lured into personal conversations with Jasmine. I have always been a positive mindset person. Therefore I tend to speak happiness in spite of the antagonistic pain that I endure on a daily basis. Jasmine will ask you questions and you will be thinking she's just being friendly, but she's recording it all for business purposes. I honestly understand her position as a physical therapist, but at the same time she must be able to desern conversations vs using everything you say as if it's the court of law. I mentioned that I danced at a family function which is true. However, I didn't mention that I mainly danced in my seat with my husband standing, dancing in front of me It wasn't until my husband pulled my hands in a motion to dance standing up, then I stood up. Yes, I danced and enjoyed. Because of my instability, I wasn't able to move my feet with the motions. Anyway, it was wonderful. My next appt was with Kwaze, in the gym. His approach was very direct and suttle. He said to me, oh so...what's up? How's it going? I said...I'm doing ok. He're dancing and having a good time so what's up? I continued to talk and I did explain to him about my family function. His delivery on this sucked. It's not what you do, it's how you do it. During his assessment he found that my condition was the same and he began to soften a bit. I proceeded to leave the facility. As I was walking out, Kwaze came running out the door saying that his colleagues just told him that he should have discharged me. He said he's the new guy so, he didn't want to make me any promises. Promises about what?Unbelievable. I can't believe that after all of the help and determination for a stronger physical me, that this happened. I really enjoyed being there but I will not be treated as such.

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