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Google Reviews

12 reviews
  • Michael N
    Michael N
    a year ago

    PT provided by their staff was really good. They have plenty of equipment and quality folks. The reason for the 2 stars is because I also required orthodics for my shoes. Brian custom makes them for you right there, which at first sounds good. My first pair worked well after coming back for an adjustment. Issue came with the second set, and because they are made custom each time consistency was the issue. I didn't bother going back for an adjustment as my experience with Brian on the first set wasn't pleasant. I'll just leave it at that. Just got a pair from Hangar in Norfolk and the difference is night and day. No adjustment needed. I just ordered a second set and because my foot was molded and the company retains your mold for 6 months my second set will be identical. Not being able to walk comfortably is kind of a big deal and I just want to try and save folks some time and effort and money by going to in my opinion a place that provides a better product.

  • Karen Fittler
    Karen Fittler
    a year ago

    I joke with the PT team that I should get frequent flier miles, as they have provided me with therapy for several knee operations, one ankle repair and now an elbow repair. They never overdo the therapy and keep me from overdoing it also (they know me well). Each of the therapists and therapist assistants are knowledgeable, caring and extremely dedicated. They also saw my husband through his recovery from rotator cuff surgery. Best in the area!

  • Allyssa Bernhardt

    I had a very positive experience here. I was referred to Dave for custom orthotics. I am an endurance athlete coming back from a broken ankle. Dave was knowledgeable, meticulous, and patient. The orthotics have been a game changer and I highly recommend this PT practice. Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional.

  • Ben Hawkins
    Ben Hawkins
    6 years ago

    I had a very bad experience with the First Colonial Road office. They are extremely behind the times in their approach to knee injuries and setback my healing process. They will also attempt to set as many appointments with you as possible without any regard if they are necessary. My name is Ben Hawkins. My phone number is 286-0003. I will be happy to share my experience with you.Based on owner's response:I can assure you that my surgeon never told you to routinely bend my knee until I screamed out in pain or have me ride a bike in that much pain. Nobody uses these tactics with a severe knee injury. After two weeks of leaving your practice and simply resting, I regained 20 degrees of bend in my knee. My knee needed to heal from the inflammation and damage you had caused. I started working with another PT practice that was floored by the amount of painful bending you were using. I quickly got much better when I found a PT that actually worked with me, restricted painful exercises and watched me perform exercises. At your practice you are lucky if you actually work with a real licensed PT for 20 mins out of a two hour session. Also, reputable PT's do not recommend that somebody with a serious knee injury undergo three two-hour sessions per week. That was extremely unnecessary. I have listed all of my complaints about this practice with the Department of Health.

  • Marcheta Bryce
    Marcheta Bryce
    6 years ago

    I have been treated at four PT facilities in Suffolk and Virginia Beach over the past 8 years for a recurring leg/hip injury from walking/running. I had used Atlantic PT last year with excellent results. Since then, I'd begun doing volunteer dog walking at my retirement home. When I began having similar symptoms again from overuse, I asked to be referred to Atlantic PT. It's near me and it's a great facility. I received specific guidance on how to avoid this kind of injury in the future (don't wear the same shoes all the time, avoid excessive mileage on shoes, avoid paved surfaces, etc.). They provide clear instructions, provide printouts so I can continue doing the exercises at home, and are very organized. There's no scurrying around trying to figure out who's free to assist or where I am in the program.

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