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Google Reviews

5 reviews
  • Vanessa Basa
    Vanessa Basa
    3 months ago

    Highly recommended Physical Therapists in First Colonial Location. Raynie, Autumn and Tim had been so nice to me every session that I have. They are knowledgeable on what they do. They will make you do workouts that will suit your needs. Workouts in every session I had was not all easy, but they will do their best to make you feel comfortable. I feel comfortable working with them. They are friendly and have great customer service. They are very professional and will help you out with your goal physically. After few months, I felt the improvement on my right shoulder and being able to live normally everyday without having a lot of pain on my shoulder is a big relief for me. Thank you Raynie, Autumn and Tim!

  • Lovey Davis
    Lovey Davis
    6 months ago

    Highly recommend ATG 1st colonial location. PT Raynie, was amazing to work with along with the rest of the staff. Raynie Provided amazing instructions, techniques, and assistance to help strengthen my injury. Tim was always professional and Kind. The whole team made me feel supported in reaching my physical therapy goals

  • Barbara Morris
    Barbara Morris
    9 months ago

    I developed severe knee pain in October that radiated from my big toe to my hip. Having had sciatica in the past I knew it wasn't that. I hadn't suffered any trauma so I decided the best course of action was to ignore it. Over the next two months I tried a variety of stretches, YouTube videos for knee pain, etc. and although the radiating pain subsided, my actual knee pain continued. I mentioned it to my PCP who suggested an Xray. Turned out it was age related stuff i.e. arthritis, calcium deposits and the like. So my PCP recommended PT. Of course I resisted at first but finally had my first visit at Adler Therapy Group. Best decision I ever made. My PT was Rainie and Tim also took me through some of the exercises. They are both friendly, fun and knowledgeable. The work wasn't easy and I did whine a lot, especially when Rainie would increase the weight which was often. But I learned so much from them while increasing my leg strength. I realized after a lifetime of "working out" at the gym that I really didn't know much about how to build my strength and maintain my balance. They also helped me figure out a plan for moving forward. Thanks you two for an amazing experience. I feel fully prepared to continue the process on my own and actually get some benefit from the gym.

  • Bill Frye
    Bill Frye
    2 years ago

    ATG staff at First colonial is the best. I always get great results from the Physical Therapists there.

  • arisjr05
    9 months ago

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