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Google Reviews

10 reviews
  • Marty
    2 months ago

    I had two surgeries while being a patient here. The two Physical Therapist I had are Maya and Samantha. By far, one of the best physical therapy experiences I had. I am not just saying this without an ounce of credibility. I have multiple surgeries prior to Adler Therapy group with years and years of prior treatment. I can confidently say that they there are the best. Very professional team in all avenues of job performance. When I had a recent surgery, I made it a point to make sure I was referred back to Adler Therapy group. Maya and Samantha's knowledge, professionalism, and bedside manner is unmatched. This is why I came back to them, and this is why I see others happy to see them and the rest of the Adler Therapy team.The facility is very clean and not cluttered. I can tell there is serious effort to ensure the ultimate sanitation standards are being adhered to. The location is a cozy spot that does not sacrifice quality over numbers. With my experience as a patient, I can see the personable and quality care given to each and every person. I have this experience and I witness others having that experience as well.The team is always on time with appointments. Which is very important, because they respects patients time and their busy schedules.There communication sets the bar high in terms of appointments and care. I do not ever feel lost when it comes to them communicating what there goals are for me at the facility or at home. They respond expeditiously to calls of scheduled appointment changes and are always willing to make it work.I have observed that a lot of the patients, including myself, feel a sense of family and well being while attending appointments. I understand physical therapy can be challenging and hard to do, however, I do not feel that way coming here. I am very happy and enjoy every time I attend one of my appointments.If you are considering being a patient or about to be a future patient requiring physical therapy, come here. Do not think about it, just do it. You will be treated with dignity and respect. It is a big plus that there is a family type of environment that improves the quality of life for patients, like myself, and other employees.Thank you Maya and Samantha for your contribution, caring hearth, and hard work in my continued amazing experience here.

  • Sierra McCray
    Sierra McCray
    2 months ago

    I started physical therapy for the first time a few months ago at Adler Therapy Group and from day one I was so impressed by their professionalism, knowledge, and outgoing spirit. I worked with Staci and she was absolutely fantastic! Everyone at the Chesapeake office is over the moon great. I work in customer service and honestly this team needs to be carbon copied, because they are awesome. EVERYONE at the Chesapeake office deserves a raise.

  • Ellyn Chapel
    Ellyn Chapel
    3 weeks ago

    Wasn't sure if PT was really gonna help my hip, leg and knee issues but am delighted that after several months of twice weekly visits my symptoms have subsided. Grateful to Steve, Stacy and Samantha (and Maya & Jess) in the Chesapeake (Gainsborough) office for helping me strengthen my muscles & get them working properly AND making it an enjoyable experience (for the most part ). Thanks Chesapeake Team. I really appreciate you.

  • Siobhan Reigle
    Siobhan Reigle
    2 months ago

    The staff at the Chesapeake office are wonderful . Make their patients feel very comfortable . They are a very cheerful happy bunch . Very helpful and patient . Highly recommend .I worked with Sam , Steve and Maya . Highly recommend .

  • Corey Parker
    Corey Parker
    a month ago

    Absolutely amazing staff and support, everyone is exceptional and having also severe headaches past few months ( Kelc) focused on that before my therapy and helped relieve it through her care and expertise! Love it!!! I

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